Kathleen Bristow Joins Nick Villa’s Bachelor National Feud


Former Bachelorette host Caitlin Bristow has spoken out about Nick Viall’s latest drama. Nick and Caitlin are fan favorites, and they have one of the most complicated relationships in the history of the bachelor nation. Caitlin was the main character of the 11th season of “The Bachelor” after becoming a fan favorite during Chris Soules’ “The Bachelor” season. Nick was late for Caitlin’s season, but he was eager to steal her from the rest of the men. However, Nick and Caitlin’s relationship was not a success, and that season Nick took Caitlin’s second place.

This was the beginning of the drama wheel that Nick started or talked about in Bachelor Nation. One of his most famous feuds occurred during the season of “Bachelor in Paradise”, when Blake Horstmann found himself in a love triangle with two participants. Fans and the media sharply criticized Blake. Perhaps in a mistaken attempt to protect yourself Blake read out text messages between himself and the two ladies to the public. Nick felt disgusted and has continued to have a negative attitude towards Blake ever since. Now everything has changed. Recently, the former bachelor Katie Thurston said that she blocked Nick, and in response Nick went and did the same thing for which he condemned Blake for years, continuing to read his texts with Katie during the filming of an episode of his podcast.

Many Bachelor Nation stars have expressed their opinion about the drama between Nick and Blake. Now the former bachelor Caitlin also shared her view on the situation. In Caitlin’s podcast Off the Vine, she interviewed Blake and his girlfriend Giannina Gibelli from Love is Blind. Caitlin first mentioned the most recent drama, commenting, “[Nick] has contradicted himself so many times in his life that I’m like, oh, damn it, stop.” The podcast host then listened as Blake and Giannina explained the hypocrisy in recent events and how they thought the drama was stupid, and hinted that Nick was behaving like a high school student.

Caitlin couldn’t seem to understand why Nick did exactly what he spent countless episodes of the podcast berating Blake for. “I thought there was no way he would go after Blake for this,” she said. “But he, the fact that he was just reading these texts, I’m like, what, what, what is he doing?” Blake and Giannina continued to agree with Caitlin’s opinion of recent events. Caitlin noted that Nick is currently on a trip to Europe with his girlfriend Natalie Joy, adding: “It’s so interesting that he was so worried about what Katie did while he was on vacation.” Blake, Giannina and Caitlin couldn’t understand why Nick would do something so petty and hypocritical after Katie’s simple response: “I blocked Nick.”

Caitlin is one of the most memorable and beloved faces in Bachelor Nation, she has one of the biggest fan bases among all the former presenters. This opinion about the latest drama with Nick will come back to him as soon as possible, if it has not already happened. Any viewer knows that Nick is not one of those who will be silent if his name is mentioned in any conversation. It won’t be a shock if Nick answers the former main character of “The Bachelorette”.


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