Kathleen Bristow explains if she would have done anything differently as the host of the bachelorette party in the season of Gabby and Rachel


While some Bachelor Nation members continue to wonder what a double season of Gabby Windy and Rachel Recchia’s bachelorette party would look like if Caitlin Bristow (and Taisha Adams) were co-hosts, the season 11 lead is weighing in as she sums up Monday, August 8 episode with us. Weekly.

Caitlin Bristow explains her problem with “Team Gabby” and “Team Rachel”

“After I spent two seasons, I saw a little bit more, like the hard work put into the show, the number of people who care—I saw the producers crying when people got hurt,” the 37—year-old reality star told Us Weekly’s podcastHere for the Right Reasons” on Tuesday, August 9th. “There are people away from their families. … The film crews have put their heart and soul into the show so many times. And I have to keep that in mind when watching, because, after all, it’s a TV show, and they make good television. But of course I have an opinion.”

Caitlin has “mixed feelings” watching 31-year-old Gabby and 26-year-old Rachel search for the “One” in season 19.

“I started getting really angry watching this and getting upset and felt like the show was moving backwards,” the host of the Off the Vine podcast admitted. “I like that you say, ‘We’re going to show a beautiful female friendship that inspires.’ I’m loving it. But there’s no chance that it won’t end with them bumping into each other. Planned or not, it’s going to happen because you have two really incredible, beautiful, intelligent women.”

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The “Dancing with the Stars” champion called this idea a “recipe for a broken heart” that will “get confused” no matter what.

“I don’t want the girls to ever compare themselves to each other. And over the course of the season, I’ve seen it happen,” she continued. “So I got upset again, but I also wanted to try to look at it through a different lens and say, ‘Oh, damn, I hate this.’ But if Gabby and Rachel like it, and they really like it, lean on each other, communicate and talk: “I’m so glad she was around during all this,” then I really can’t, you know, poop on it if it works for them.”

Caitlin, who briefly shared the bachelor title with Britt Nilsson in the 2015 season until men voted her as a solo star, added: “Sometimes I have to really separate their separate relationships, them as bachelorettes. And how to take away my own insecurities about how maybe it provoked me because I was compared to another woman in my season.”

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During Monday’s episode, Rachel felt like a “loser” after Logan Palmer decided to switch from “Team Rachel” to “Team Gabby” because he still had feelings for the former cheerleader. Host Jesse Palmer intervened to console the pilot, who repeatedly broke down because he felt “rejected” as a co-host.

“I think Jesse is incredible. I love him as a person. I love him as a host. He makes the perfect number of likes by appearing there. It’s hard… He was in a bachelor’s position, so he understands that. But we felt this little taste of a woman who understands the insecurities of another woman and is able to justify it,” said Caitlin, who was one of the hosts of seasons 17 and 18. “I think I would just try to adjust Rachel’s crown a little bit and say, ‘You’re a goddess and these men are here for you.’ And even if there was only one bachelorette party, the guys have no choice. These guys are confused by the fact that they are created in order not to think about this other woman. You will find out who is really next to you. It’s a bit of a blessing, so hold on to them and show them all the love and respect there is for you.” can’t be the perfect bachelor.” And he’s so right. But I don’t know if I would have done otherwise. I like that they have each other because they have such a great friendship.”

To get a complete picture of Caitlin, listen to the Us Weekly podcast “Here for the Right Reasons”.


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