Katheryn Winnick (Vikings) thanks frontline caregivers!


Vikings star Katheryn Winnick shared her latest story on her caregiver Instagram account. In the story of her Instagram account, Katheryn Winnick wrote a beautiful message to caregivers. While they find themselves on the front lines in the face of Covid-19, the Viking star wanted to thank them.

The Covid-19 pandemic had resulted in a wave of solidarity and generosity during the first confinement. The stars were numerous to thank the caregivers.

Thus, public figures did not hesitate to reach out or send them tender messages on social media. The goal: to give them strength and thank them for performing so well.

Also, to put their lives in danger to save those of others. However, we must believe that all these gestures have disappeared over time. Indeed, few people take their time to give them attention.

So far, only Kim Kardashian has sent them beautiful bouquets of flowers. So the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star sent them roses as Valentine’s Day approached.

However, the it-girl with generous curves did not buy them beforehand. However, all of those flowers were from one of her photoshoots that she didn’t want to throw away.

So, she preferred to offer them to those who, since the start of the health crisis, have been fighting for others. Which is really very generous and caring on his part!

But you have to believe that the reality TV star isn’t the only one thinking of them. Katheryn Winnick, known for her role as Vikings, also sends them all her thoughts.

And as proof, the star of the Vikings series wrote them a very nice message in the story of his Instagram account. More than ever, she is grateful to them!


Indeed, more than ever Katheryn Winnick thinks of caregivers. It must be said that in this Covid-19 pandemic, they no longer have a minute of their own and are spending time saving lives.

So, the star of Vikings does not forget them. Quite the contrary! “To all healthcare workers, on the front line in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic: thank you very much!” She wrote.

In fact, the actress shared a photo in which she appeared disguised as a caregiver. Thus, his message can only please those concerned.

However, the star of the hit series Vikings did not share a response from caregivers in return. We can just imagine their smile on their face when they stumble upon their story.

In any case, the actress will perhaps make her colleagues want to do the same. Will they, in turn, address their thoughts to those who feel the need? Business to follow.


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