Katheryn Winnick (Vikings) made their mark on “Big Sky”!


The Vikings series revealed great talents. By the way, Katheryn Winnick appeared in the “Big Sky” series. It is a great success.

Vikings is very successful. Beyond its explosive storyline, the series is known for its bespoke casting. By the way, Katheryn Winnick then stood out. In the series “Big Sky” she surprises everyone.

The Vikings series really got it all. And for good reason, viewers quickly became addicted. Thus, they seem very attached to the characters.

It must be said that fans of the series have been following people’s adventures for 6 seasons. So they had time to have affection for them. Not surprising !

Besides, when the final season of Vikings was announced, the fans were very disappointed. But do not panic. A spin-off will soon see the light of day. Thus, Vikings Valhalla will immerse fans in the settings they love so much.

But the actors are also nostalgic for this great adventure. And yet, they do not let go.

Indeed, Katheryn Winnick then appears in the new ABC series: “Big Sky”. The start of season 1 was a great success. The two sisters, Danielle and Grace make live great moments to the televiewers.

Far from the universe of Vikings, actress Katheryn Winnick is therefore a hit.


Like Vikings, the “Big Sky” series is a great success. It must be said that the scenario has put the small dishes in the big ones.

As a reminder, Danielle and Grace are two sisters. They were kidnapped by Ronald Pergman, a truck driver. The latter actually works with Rick Legarski, a state soldier. He is then involved in a sex trafficking network.

The parents of the two sisters therefore go looking for them. An ex filc and an investigator join them. Cody also helps. A murder disrupts everything. In short, everything gets complicated then.

And for good reason, Rick kills Cody. The start of Season 1 therefore made more than one Internet user tremble. So this shouldn’t disorientate the Vikings actress too much.

In fact, Episode 9 will be released on February 16. ABC then unveils the synopsis. He explains, “An action packed episode, while knocking on doors and searching for clues, Cassie unexpectedly finds herself confronting Ronald. The danger triggers her memory of the previous meeting with the couple. ”

He then explains: “Elsewhere, not feeling that she can trust her husband, Merilee makes a life-changing decision that puts her fate and that of Rick in her own hands. ”

So it looks like Cassie is in a terrible situation with Ronald. Viewers are going to experience a lot of stress. Not so different from Vikings then.

Only a few more days to wait to discover the Vikings actress in episode 9 of “Big Sky”.


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