Katheryn Winnick is coming to Disney + with Big Sky!


Katheryn Winnick recently appeared in the Big Sky series. Fans will be able to find the Vikings star on Disney +.

Disney + intends to relax its audiences and will be offering series soon. Thus, fans will be able to find Katheryn Winnick and the Vikings star will be in the Big Sky series. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Katheryn Winnick embarks on a whole different universe. For more than six years, the actress has put herself in Lagertha’s shoes in Vikings. This character quickly won the hearts of fans and became one of the essential characters of the series. So, the fans were very sad about Lagertha’s death.

Several weeks ago, fans got to see the rest of the Season 6 episodes. This season marked the end of the character’s story and was full of twists and turns. So, as the prophecy predicted, Lagertha was killed by one of Ragnar’s sons. For his part, Bjorn died after a battle with Ivar.

Katheryn Winnick has therefore finished well with Vikings. The actress has gone all out for her character and is so glad she got to be in the cast. However, it mainly allowed him to be able to make himself known and land many other roles. So fans got to see her in a whole different genre.

In 2020, ABC channel aired the first episodes of The Big Sky. This series, under the air of a thriller, seems to be a big success in the United States. In fact, French fans will soon be able to enjoy it on the Disney + channel. A way for them to see Katheryn Winnick again.

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Katheryn Winnick (Vikings) is coming to Disney + with the Big Sky series!


Katheryn Winnick wasted no time in embarking on a new series after Vikings. So, fans can see her recently in The Big Sky. This show was written by David E. Kelley, known for making Big Little Lies. The 43-year-old actress puts herself in the shoes of Jenny Hoyt, a former police officer.

The show is a forensic thriller, and Jenny one day meets Detective Cassie Dewell. The two women decide to team up to investigate the disappearance of two sisters kidnapped by a truck driver in Montana. Very quickly, they will discover that other people are missing.

ABC is currently the only channel that broadcasts Big Sky. Thus, it is very complicated for the fans to be able to see the former actress of Vikings in this series. However, with the arrival of Star on Disney +, the show will arrive on the platform on Tuesday, February 23.

Disney + offered very few series. Thus, the channel intends to compete with Netflix and will release many series. The opportunity for subscribers to be able to discover many shows and be able to see Big Sky in peace.


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