Katheryn Winnick got to play with her brothers in the series!


Katheryn Winnick played for several years in Vikings. The actress had the chance to shoot some scenes with her brothers.

Vikings season 6 ended the story of Bjorn, Ivar and Lagertha. Katheryn Winnick was a staple in the series and had the chance to share a few scenes with her brothers. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

A few weeks ago, the sequel to season 6 of Vikings arrived. Fans were able to see the very last episodes of the series and were able to discover the end of the adventures of the sons of Ragnar. The new episodes have not lacked in action. Indeed, some characters had to face a dire fate.

This is the case with Lagertha, Bjorn’s mother. This character has been around since the beginning of the series and was Ragnar’s very first wife. The warrior quickly won the hearts of fans and became one of the star characters of the series. And for good reason, Lagertha was a real badass!

Bjorn’s mother has been very independent after her divorce from Ragnar. She did not hesitate to take Kattegat and become queen. However, over the course of the episodes, she mostly had to face many enemies. Including Ivar, the son of Aslaug and Ragnar.

So the prophecy came true in Vikings, and Lagertha was killed by one of Ragnar’s sons. Fans were able to attend a sad funeral and it was Katheryn Winnick who directed this famous episode. It must be said that she became very important in the show and the actress wanted to mark her departure forever.

Katheryn Winnick (Vikings) got to play with her brothers in the series!


Lagertha has always had a central place in Vikings and has made up for the absence of Ragnar in the episodes. So, Katheryn Winnick always gave her all for the show and had become much more than an actress. She directed a few episodes and even had the chance to do a few scenes with her brothers.

Two of Katheryn Winnick’s brothers made an appearance in the series. The latter had the chance to join the cast and exchange some scenes with Lagertha. In fact, the actress remembers it very well and even wants to be nostalgic. She was very happy to be able to play alongside her brothers for one episode.

“A funny little fact, my brother [Adam Winnick] is at the end. He’s the one who arrives and finds the village completely murdered, “she said in Variety. However, she also confessed that another of her brothers was also lucky enough to have a small role in Vikings.

“My other brother [Markjan Winnick] actually played a king in Season 5. He was cast independently of me,” she confessed. A nice surprise therefore for Katheryn Winnick who could not hope for better for her last episodes in the series. “Being able to share the end of six seasons with the family is really cool”.


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