Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt welcome their second child together, his third child


Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt’s cutie have arrived! On Saturday, May 21, the couple had their second child, the third for the actor.

“We are so excited to announce the birth of our second daughter, Eloise Kristina Schwarzenegger Pratt,” the couple shared on Sunday, May 22 via Instagram. “We feel extremely blessed and grateful. With love, Catherine and Chris.”

Although the couple didn’t break the news via Instagram at the time, the 42-year-old Parks and Recreation graduate wrote a touching tribute to his wife’s birthday later that month.

“You are such a wonderful wife, mother, stepmother and life partner,” the star of Guardians of the Galaxy signed the slideshow. “I just can’t imagine how lost I would be without you. You are beautiful, cool as nails, reasonable, thoughtful, extremely intelligent, you are a complete boss, always purposeful and communicate like no other. Thank you for everything. Thank you for playing such an important role in my growth over the past few years. We fit so perfectly into each other’s lives that our union is a daily reminder that God cares about us. Navigating the strange circumstances of our world is a task I can’t handle alone. And I’m so grateful that I don’t have to. Your desire to help others is contagious. I’m just so grateful for the harmony that you constantly bring to our home.”

The Minnesota native also praised Katherine last month, writing on Instagram that the host of the podcast “The Dog That Changed Me” gave him “an amazing life [and] a gorgeous, healthy daughter,” Laila.

Pratt, who is also the father of son Jack, 9, by ex-wife Anna Faris, wrote in a post in November 2021: “She chews so loudly that sometimes I put in headphones to drown it out, but it’s love! She helps me with everything. Instead, I periodically open a jar of cucumbers. This is a trade. Her heart is pure, and it belongs to me.”

The couple got married in June 2019 in California, five months after their engagement. Their girl, who is now months old, was born in August 2020.

Baby Catherine and the stars of Jurassic World are becoming “an absolute animal lover,” as the author of Rock What You’ve Got told us in November 2021.

“It’s really nice to see her with Maverick and see how their relationship is blossoming,” the Los Angeles native explained Laila’s connection with the family dog at the time. “Especially as she becomes more mobile, I see how worried she is and how much she likes to walk with him. It just completely warms my heart. I love it.”