Katherine Heigl talks about her role in “Firefly Lane”!


Grey’s Anatomy actress Katherine Heigl opens up about the Firefly Lane series! We’ll give you more details.

Katherine Heigl opens up about her role in the Firefly Lane series!

The pretty blonde has a great career under her belt. She has indeed appeared in several successful television series.

We think of the series Grey’s Anatomy, to name but one. Katherine Heigl was indeed playing the role of surgeon Izzie Stevens.

Today the young woman returns in a new series called Firefly Lane. Katherine Heigl will play one of the lead roles in the upcoming show.

It will also be available from February 3 on the Netflix streaming platform. In the meantime, the 42-year-old actress has posted an adorable message on her Twitter account.

One way to promote his series. But also to share his happiness at having been part of the cast.


You should know that Katherine Heigl has remained very discreet about her new project. We know she will play the role of Tully Hart in the upcoming series.

On Twitter, she ended up speaking out about her role on the show. She explains that she loved working on the set of Firefly Lane.

The young woman confides that she indeed loved the costumes as well as all the work that was done on the makeup and hairstyles. “Tully Hart and Kate Mularkey are coming soon,” read the actress’s Tweet.

Finally, Katherine Heigl encourages her fans to activate notifications on Netflix so as not to miss the release date of the series. The pretty also shared some images from the Fierfly Lanes series.

Fans of the former Grey’s Anatomy actress then showed her support on the social network. Many are proud of her and can’t wait to see her in this new series.


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