Katherine Heigl has come a long way since the show!


Discovered in the series Grey’s Anatomy, Katherine Heigl has changed a lot over the years … Katherine Heigl is a very talented actress. The young woman revealed in the series Grey’s Anatomy has therefore changed enormously since she no longer played Izzie Stevens. Back on its evolution.

The young woman who is originally from Connecticut started her acting career at a young age. In parallel with her secondary studies, she began to pose for numerous catalogs.

In 1992, the young woman played in That Night by Craig Bolotin, then she continued the following year in King of the Hill, by Steven Soderbergh.

Until the 2000s, the young woman played in several films. It was in 2005 that Katherine Heigl therefore became known to everyone. She stars in Grey’s Anatomy.

The actress is hired by Shonda Rimes to play Izzie Stevens in the hit series, alongside Ellen Pompeo. And Patrick Dempsey. So Katherine Heigl is 24 years old and she’s going crazy.

For several years, the pretty blonde was one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. She won an Emmy Award in 2007.

In parallel with Grey’s Anatomy, Katherine Heigl opens in the cinema and we find her in some cult comedies such as En blister, manual, or even Happy New Year. Everyone remembers his role in Baby’s Instructions for Use alongside Josh Duhamel.


In 2007, Katherine Heigl married Josh Kelley. The couple will adopt two little girls, Nancy and Adalaide Marie Hope, born in 2008 and 2012.

The actress will welcome a baby Joshua born in December 2016. The actress, who left Grey’s Anatomy following a dispute with Shonda Rimes, is therefore taking a break.

Absent for several years on the screens, Katherine Heigl is therefore back with the series Firefly Lane, Always There for You. The drama series is number 1 in the United States. And not only.

The series tells the tale of friendship between Tully (Katherine Heigl) and Kate (Sarah Chalke), who will experience a lot of turmoil as the young women age. Everything opposes the two girls, but yet their destiny will bind them forever.

The young woman therefore appears in a much more mature and adult role, and the fans are therefore won over. Asked by the Washington Post, Katherine Heigl therefore hopes that Always there for you will continue its way on the platform.

“So I cross my fingers, my toes. And anything that I can come across so that my series lasts at least 3 seasons. I hope so, ”she confides, ambitious. It must therefore be said that viewers are delighted to find the one who once played Izzie Stevens in Grey’s Anatomy.

“Beautiful”, “wonderful”, “more and more radiant”, the comments under each photo posted by the American actress are therefore very complimentary. For the role, Katherine Heigl has thus truncated her flamboyant blonde for a mahogany brown that suits her perfectly.


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