Kate Winslet to Play Victim in OneCoin Movie


The role deemed suitable for Kate Winslet in the film, which will be about the OneCoin project, one of the biggest cryptocurrency frauds ever, has been announced. The Oscar-winning actress will play a victim who lost thousands of dollars due to this fraud and struggles against OneCoin after realizing the chain of happiness.

It was recently announced that the OneCoin project, perhaps one of the most famous and large-scale cryptocurrency scams, will be adapted to the movie by Hollywood. It was among the information received that Kate Winslet, the famous actress who won an Oscar, will be included in the cast of the film. The character that Winslet will play started to take shape gradually.

The successful actor will bring to life a character who was tricked by the fake OneCoin crypto money project and suffered thousands of dollars in damage in the film. Just like this movie, which will be inspired by the real story of OneCoin, Winslet’s character is actually a woman who lived through these in real life; Jen McAdam.

Jen McAdam convinced her family and friends, they lost 220,000 pounds together

Jen McAdam, who lived in Scotland’s North Ayrshire region, believed he was very lucky, like many people around the world, and would get rich thanks to OneCoin. The end of the much story did not end as expected. McAdam became one of the victims of a £ 4 billion cryptocurrency fraud OneCoin pyramid chain.

Jen McAdam was pretty sure that OneCoin would be valued like Bitcoin; had caught OneCoin early on and would not be content with a small investment. McAdam convinced his family and friends what a great opportunity OneCoin was, to invest a total of £ 220,000. And when it turned out that everything was just a lie, their losses were enormous.

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OneCoin movie “Fake!” Based on Jen’s book

Jen McAdam’s book, telling OneCoin’s story from her front as a victim, is “Fake!” Which means fake! bears his name. According to the Herald’s report, the Hollywood movie to be shot will be based on this book. “I didn’t realize how important justice is until something like this happened to me,” Jen McAdams said in an interview; Especially when the authorities turn their back on you ”, he said that he wrote this book to ensure justice for the victims.

The fact that Kate Winslet starring herself in the film to be shot is “surreal; I am very honored and excited ”. Having the opportunity to meet Winslet, McAdams expressed that he was confident that the actor would do a great job and hoped the movie would be a scream for OneCoin victims.


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