Kate Winslet joins the cast of OneCoin movie


Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet joined the cast of the movie about OneCoin, perhaps one of the most famous projects in the cryptocurrency world.

The crypto money project called OneCoin was founded by Ruja Ignatova in 2014. Ignatova, also known as the Queen of Bitcoin today, promised people that it produced a cryptocurrency that could rival Bitcoin. In March 2019, the US Department of Justice accused Ignatova of fraudulent money laundering on OneCoin.

This project, which was established in 2014 and raised $ 4 billion in investment within a few years, ended in 2017 with the disappearance of Ignatova. While there has been no news from Ignatova since then, the name OneCoin continues to cause controversy in the cryptocurrency community.

A movie will be shot with Winslet

Fake is the story of OneCoin, one of the biggest happiness chains! It will be adapted to the big screen with a movie called. The film will be produced by Jennifer Todd, known for films such as Alice in Wonderland and Memento. Scott Z. Burns, who also took part in the movie Contagion, which became popular especially during the coronavirus period, will be the scriptwriter and director of the film.

According to The Block report, it’s Fake! Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet, known for her role in the movie Titanic, will also be featured in this movie.

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