Kate Winslet from Mare Of East town Has Just Received Her Next Award-Winning HBO Series


While Kate Winslet is better known and famous for her stellar film work — the upcoming theatrical return of James Cameron’s Titanic is just another reminder — but the actress and producer’s occasional outings on the small screen tend to bring awards and other accolades. It doesn’t take long to remember her recent success in the HBO series “The Mare from Easttown,” with its twists and turns, which earned Winslet (and others) a golden Emmy Award in 2021. Now she has already prepared her next prestigious TV project. and she’s sticking with HBO for that.

Winslet will play the main role in a limited series of film adaptations of Hernan Diaz’s 2022 novel “Trust”, which was published by Riverhead Books in May. The novel became famous even before its release, and positive rumors continued only after it hit the shelves, which led to a competitive situation among networks (and presumably streaming services) vying for a new project, according to Deadline. He ended up on HBO, where Kate Winslet obviously proved herself worthy of the fight.

The Trust, which will also feature Kate Winslet as a producer behind the scenes, is narrated by four different voices, each belonging to a different genre, and is described as a “literary puzzle” that immerses readers in a journey for truth and facts. actually means, and how personal relationships can often be hidden in deceptions. Hernan Diaz will also be an executive producer.

As for the actual details, the story takes place in 1920s New York and focuses in part on Benjamin Rusk, a Wall Street financier of the highest level, and his wife Helen Rusk, whose family is as rich as it is eccentric. Their successes and fame, as well as the costs it took to achieve them, are at the center of a 1937 novel called “Bonds,” which takes the world by storm, even if the Raski are not so impressed. When Benjamin hires a ghostwriter to write his story in the form of a memoir, it becomes increasingly apparent that the tycoon has plans to rewrite his own past as well as his wife’s.

The story is as juicy and deceptive as possible, and viewers can probably expect a production quality that will stand alongside Citizen Kane and the Great Gatsby, given the time frame. Although Winslet’s role is not specifically specified, it can be assumed that she will portray Helen Rusk, or perhaps she will play a ghost writer tasked with setting up the Rask’s life story. She could probably play all the roles and handle it with aplomb.

While the news about the second season of Mare of Easttown has largely dried up by this point, despite the fact that there are ideas about how this could have happened, the fact that Kate Winslet has returned to HBO probably won’t dispel fans’ hopes that there are left for Mare to return. after this finale. In the end, the premium cable network brought the show back after years of interruptions, starting with “The Cure” and ending with the upcoming fourth season of “True Detective.” But for now, let’s just look forward to the wild ride that Trust will no doubt send us on.

It has not yet been established when Trust will appear with HBO and HBO Max subscribers, calm down knowing that later this year we will be able to see Winslet again in the long-awaited sequel to James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water. In the meantime, check out our schedule of TV premieres for 2022 to find out what will appear in the coming months.