Kate, William, George and Charlotte pay a beautiful tribute to Princess Diana


Kate, William, George and Charlotte pay a beautiful tribute to Princess Diana! It’s Mother’s Day in the UK! Prince William took the opportunity to pay tribute to his mother, Princess Diana.

Times are tough in the UK ! Overwhelmed by the coronavirus, the country is afraid … William stepped up to give strength to the country. And have a thought for his mother, Diana.

Funny mother’s day in England: the country is plunged into anguish . The fault for measures against the coronavirus… taken too late. Prince William was strong for Mother’s Day.

Yes, Mother’s Day is coming sooner in the UK ! The prince took the opportunity to motivate his troops. And greet His Majesty’s subjects. But he also thinks of his mother, Lady Diana, who died 22 years ago.

” To all mothers, we think of all of you in these difficult times. Happy Mother’s Day. » A funny party. But the prince is reassuring. And pays tribute to his family on Instagram .


On the social network, William posts three very cute photos . First, his family. With Kate and two of their children, Georges and Charlotte . Louis still seems too small to join them.

Then a souvenir photo. William and Harry, the two brothers , with Diana. He thus pays a beautiful tribute to his own mother . Third photo, Kate and her mom.

Finally, last picture, probably the cutest: the gift of little George to wish happy birthday to his mother . A pretty little card, flowers and lots of colors: her mom has fallen for sure!

Confined because of the coronavirus, the British need comfort. Their prince therefore tries to bring them hope and joy. Future king of England, prince Harry thus begins to assume his role .

Good news, therefore, for a country that is worried … But between the intervention of the queen and the help of the prince, the United Kingdom is trying to find a smile !


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