Kate Walsh: Her hilarious reaction to Derek’s return!


On her Instagram account, Kate Walsh (Grey’s Anatomy) shared a photo where she decided to react with humor to Derek’s return!

This is great news for fans of Grey’s Anatomy. Derek Shepherd has made a comeback in Meredith’s dreams. For her part, Addison (Kate Walsh) decided to react in a very funny way.

This Thursday, November 19, Kate Walsh (Grey’s Anatomy) also shared a new photo on her Instagram account. She displayed herself with a rather pissed off look at the photo of Meredith and Derek hugging each other on a heavenly beach.

Captioning her Instagram photo, Kate Walsh (Grey’s Anatomy) also wrote, “Gal you already know how Addie would have reacted to that. I send a lot of love overseas to Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey. At their meeting that broke the Internet ”.

For her part, Ellen Pompeo (Meredith) also commented with heart and laughter emojis. And the least that can be said is that Derek’s return to the show was unanimous. The fans weren’t expecting it and seemed very happy.


In an interview with US Weekly, a source said the actors were very happy to have seen Derek. Grey’s Anatomy fans couldn’t hope for such good news in these difficult times.

The source revealed: “The time for Patrick’s comeback has finally come. He was very professional. Friendly, funny. And his chemistry with Ellen was still there.

She also revealed to US Weekly, “The team enjoyed the time spent with Patrick. And there was a lot of catching up ”. But that’s not all. According to the source the series is “a big family”.

She went on to say about the show, “Maybe Patrick left it a bit. But as families do, they find each other. It was very sincere and natural to watch everything “.


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