Kate Middleton: William’s inappropriate reaction during their breakup “I’m free”


The romance between Kate Middleton and William has not always been so rosy. The couple has even broken up already! The prince finally said he was “free”.

There was a time when Kate Middleton and William experienced ups and downs. Following their separation, the prince said he was “free “.

It has already been nine years since Kate Middleton and the Duke of Cambridge got married. Their couple makes all England dream. Some movies even trace their beautiful love story!

And the passion between the two lovebirds is still present. It is so strong that it has given birth to small pieces of cabbage. Something to delight the queen!

However, their story has not always been so rosy ! Eh yes ! A few years ago, things were so bad between Kate Middleton and William that they separated.

It was therefore in 2007 that the couple separated for the first time. Although the beautiful student did not live very well, her ex was on the contrary, very happy!

So he’s not that shy! William even celebrated his celibacy! What cheek isn’t it! This is what Pipa’s sister thought!

The big celebration therefore took place in a famous London club, the Mahiki. And according to information from our Parade colleagues , Harry’s brother has gone even further!

All club members saw him get excited. So he drank a lot of alcohol. And that’s not all ! He also started dancing on a table. And this, while shouting: ” I am free”.

Can you imagine the scenario? This one did not please Kate Middleton ! Some time later, William will leave for a cruise with a crew full of pretty women.

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Which certainly had the gift of putting Kate Middleton in a black anger! Especially since the prince is known for rumors of adultery.


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