Kate Middleton: William’s crazy night with buzz!


Kate Middleton’s husband, Prince William makes the buzz with a boozy evening! We tell you more. Kate Middleton’s sweetheart is making the buzz for a frenzied night out!

What is past is dead would say a saying. But the past seems to have found its way to catch up with Prince William.

Indeed, the darling of Kate Middleton has been making the buzz since this Saturday, November 14. And for good reason: photos of a drunken night were revealed by the Daily Mail.

It was surely a period in his life that Prince William would have preferred to forget. But that’s without counting on the media that bring his past to life.

The Daily Mail has therefore unveiled a series of photos from a party dating back to 2007. And we’re sure Duchess Kate Middleton wouldn’t be very fond of seeing her images.


For example, photos from September 2007 show Prince William having a good time in a bar in London. Shirt off the pants, disheveled hair, the father of Kate Middleton’s children had even rocked with a pretty young blonde.

So we are a long way from the Prince William we know today. In fact, in the photos released by the Daily Mail, there is no sign of Kate Middleton.

And that’s normal! At that time the couple had broken up a few months earlier. Young William was not yet ready to be married, so he made the most of his freedom.

The Duchess, for her part, had taken refuge with her parents in their family home. But before this evening, the couple would have decided to give themselves a second chance.

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In exchange for a promise of marriage, the pretty brunette had agreed to make an effort on her side. Without thinking that her darling was going to enjoy his evening in a London bar.


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