Kate Middleton and William: Zara Tindall puts pressure on them!


Kate Middleton hasn’t let her kids go back to school yet. Thus, Zara Tindall seems to put pressure on William’s wife.

Kate Middleton and William don’t seem to be thinking about putting their kids back to school. Zara Tindall does not have the same way of educating her children and that puts pressure on the royal family.

For more than two months, the Covid-19 has been raging all over the world. People must limit their movements so as not to spread it. Then the schools closed for several weeks.

Kate Middleton and William remained confined to their Norfolk villa. The Duchess had a lot to do since she had to fulfill her duties in the royal family. Besides, she did videoconferences.

Then, the Duchess also had to manage her two children. Above all, she is a mom and has spent a lot of time with George and Charlotte. So she gave them some lessons and the kids even volunteered.

Then, the star had some problems with her son, George. In fact, the little boy had more homework to do, so he was jealous of Charlotte. However, Kate Middleton and William do not want to send their children back to school and that is bothersome.

Zara Tindall, daughter of Princess Anna does not have the same vision as Kate Middleton and William. So she is going to put her daughter Mia back in school and proudly announced her to the press. Besides, according to Mike Tindall, Mia no longer likes to stay at home.

“She was annoyed that it was always the same people who told her what to do,” he said for the Telegraph. As a result, the girl will return to school on June 1. For their part, Kate and William are not of the same opinion.

Kate Middleton and William have made no statement regarding the return of their children to school. Besides, the Duke does not seem to want to put George and Charlotte back in school because it could spread the virus. “I don’t think a single child can understand the concept of social distancing,” he said.

So, there seems to be a little conflict between Kate and Zara Tindall. The two women have very different views on Covid-19 and child rearing.


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