Kate Middleton and William come before Meghan Markle and Harry for the queen


Kate Middleton and William come before Meghan Markle and Harry for the queen. While Meghan Markle disappointed the hearts of the British, Kate Middleton attracted all the favor. And more particularly of the queen.

It seems that in the eyes of the Queen, Kate Middleton and Prince William pass over Meghan Markle and Harry . Indeed, the latter did him an affront by proclaiming their Megxit. It seems that the tide is no longer turning in favor of Meghan Markle and Harry. Indeed, the latter have by far been supplanted by Kate Middleton and William.

We still remember how Kate snubbed Meghan, aborting any hope of reconciliation during the Commonwealth Mass. Today, the couple is on the other side of the Atlantic, for the greater good of the Cambridge spouses .

Indeed, the Megxit also seems to benefit Kate Middleton and William. The latter are in any case at the center of the royal family and have all the attention of the queen.

But not only. The couple is also very popular with the people . According to a YouGouv poll , the popularity rating of the two spouses is well above that of Meghan Markle and Harry.

It seems in any case that the Queen of England counts on William, future king and his wife to ensure the royal functions. Especially since Kate Middleton has established herself in the royal family, at a time when her sister-in-law Meghan wanted to slip away.

Everything therefore benefits Kate Middleton , who by far supplanted Meghan Markle in the hearts of the British , it seems. It is in any case in second place of the list of popular personalities in the United Kingdom.

Or, just after William and Queen Elizabeth II, first on the list. This list also ends with Prince Philip .

As for Meghan and Harry, the latter seem persona non grata , since they simply do not appear there. Never mind, they are now living a new life in Canada.


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