Kate Middleton and William: Their adorable Skype moment with teachers and students


In a period of confinement, Kate Middleton and Prince William join a Skype between teachers and students to support them!

To support the teachers who take care of the education of children of nursing staff, Kate Middleton and Prince William call them by Skype .

During the confinement period, it is important to support yourself ! But also to please! So, several stars do everything to help their fans.

This is the case of Kate Middleton and her husband , Prince William. Indeed, the royal couple does not want to abandon the British during this health crisis!

Yes, Meghan Markle’s sister-in-law and brother-in-law care about their people! So, these last two reserve a very nice surprise for some of them . The proof !

Indeed, Easter is fast approaching. So Kate Middleton and Prince William have an idea! They want to talk to teachers and students to motivate them. But also support them!

But neither can they leave their homes. So, the couple decides to go through the Skype platform . And it surprises everyone!



Indeed, Kate Middleton and Prince William think of the British in this period of confinement. To everyone, of course. But especially to the nursing staff !

So, these are struggling to save thousands every day . During this time, they cannot take care of their children.

So, many teachers take charge of the schooling of the children of nursing staff . They continue to make them take courses!

In fact, Prince William and Kate Middleton thank them very much for their involvement and their investment. And they intend to tell them by Skype !

In fact, the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge telephoned primary school in Casterton, in the North West of England. And they are not at the end of their surprise !

Indeed, the royal couple thought of making a nice surprise to the students. But he did not expect such a warm welcome! In short, the children all dressed up as rabbits for Skype.

Thus, Prince William is this adorable intention ! ” I love these rabbit ears. Looks like real ones, ” says Harry’s brother. In any case, his students are very happy with this exchange!


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