Kate Middleton: Walking through the forest without a police!


Kate Middleton and her family’s last walk in the forest angered police officers. She should have abstained …

In this time of health crisis, everyone must respect the health rules. Kate Middleton and Prince William forgot to apply them.

Her title of Duchess of Cambridge does not give her all the rights. Kate Middleton would she tend to forget? It seems that yes.

Indeed, the wife of Prince William was picked up by the police. In any case, this is what our colleagues at Gala are relating this Thursday, December 24.

Since the start of the health crisis, the mother of George, Charlotte and Louis has been exemplary. So the pretty brunette hasn’t made the slightest mistake.

And this, until December 21st. So Kate Middleton and her little family have taken a pleasant walk in the woods in Norfolk.

It must be said that during this Christmas period, nothing is more pleasant than admiring the winter landscape. Problem, they were more than six during this nice walk.

And for good reason, the two lovebirds and the three adorable children were accompanied by the Wessex. So there were far too many of them.

As a reminder, the British authorities only allow gatherings of six people maximum. No more ! So the police were not happy to find Kate Middleton surrounded by all these little people.


In any case, Kate Middleton is not ready to make the mistake the second time around. Indeed, the mother of George, Charlotte and Louis understood the lesson well.

Especially since the young woman keeps calling the British to order. They too must respect the sanitary rules to the rule.

Otherwise, the country will never get out of the Covid-19 pandemic. Which would not suit Meghan Markle’s sister-in-law and brother-in-law, who are in great pain. Besides, us too!


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