Kate Middleton: Turns into her spitting girl image!


On a daily basis, Kate Middleton seems to be very complicit with Princess Charlotte. Mother and daughter also have very similar facial expressions!

In the UK, Kate Middleton is very popular with the public. And the media noticed that her daughter Princess Charlotte also had the same quirks as the Duchess.

In this period of pandemic, Kate Middleton is on the front line to represent the Windsor clan. Isolated in Anmer Hall, Prince Harry’s sister-in-law multiplies Zoom sessions to support the English.

Just like her husband Prince William. And all their videos are causing a sensation on the Web.

Facing the camera, Kate Middleton is always radiant. Despite her status, she is also very attentive to her interlocutors.

Its simplicity has been praised several times in the media. On February 4th, little Archie’s aunt even spoke to English teachers during “Children’s Mental Health Week”.

And it was again a faultless for Kate Middleton. Excluded for the “Daily Express”, Judi James (Editor’s note: body language expert), detailed his attitude during this exchange.

“The 2-camera technique allows us to see how Kate’s key non-verbal cues create connections with her audience despite remote contact,” she said. “First, Kate sits up straight. But also close to the screen (…) “.

But also: “A perfect technique for a woman who will be Queen. Because she will help people she meets to relax and talk around her. ”


But that’s not all ! Last week, Kate Middleton fans also analyzed all of the Duchess’s facial expressions.

Obviously a small detail seems to have intrigued them all. Indeed, Prince Charles’s daughter-in-law has a habit of clearing the back of her neck by wrapping her hair around her hand.

A very elegant gesture that seems to have copied his daughter Princess Charlotte. Meghan Markle’s 5-year-old niece is already grown up.

In her public appearances, she always puts everyone in agreement with her flawless demeanor. And Prince George’s little sister very often readjusts her hairstyle like her famous mother. We love !

On a daily basis, Princess Charlotte would also have a strong personality. In 2018, Prince William had also made rare confidences about him.

“I think she will be a disruptive element later on. But all dads have to say the same, “Kate Middleton’s husband said during a visit to a hospital in Liverpool.

Last year, an anonymous source close to the Windsors also told US Weekly that Princess Charlotte was “clearly the toughest character of the Cambridge couple’s three children.” It promises !


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