Kate Middleton tired of taking care of her children!


Kate Middleton is tired! With the holidays, her children stay at home … But there is no question of letting them do nothing. At work !

As they manage the country and the crisis as best they can, Kate Middleton and William must manage their children too! Not easy, in the midst of a pandemic … But the Cambridges have ideas, and especially a lot of will!

Because the holidays are approaching … Two weeks of rest for the little English. But not for Princess Charlotte, nor for Prince George! When their mom tells about their last vacation, we understand why …

The little princes must indeed follow a very strict “school regime”. No way, then, to let them get up late to watch cartoons. Kate Middleton is watching, and lets the BBC know!

Asked about the children’s holidays, the royal couple do not hide: education also continues at home! “Don’t tell them about it,” even the Duchess of Cambridge quips. We didn’t stop, even during the holidays! ”

Studious holidays, therefore … But the little prince and princess seem far from the prison! “I feel a little sad for them sometimes… But I also became a hairdresser during confinement! ”

Kate Middleton takes advantage of her children. To make them work, first of all, but also to give them a royal role … And also because “to act as a parent, especially during the lockdown, it is day after day”.

Not easy, therefore, to find occupations … But you have to “adapt”. Parents must thus “learn new unusual roles”. “Being confined forces us to rethink our Western outlook on education. ”


The princess is thus found with her children day after day… And assumes with pleasure her role of mother. She doesn’t hide it, she “enjoys it”. Even if confinement can often seem “exhausting” ‘.

Kate Middleton continues home school with her children. But in a different way. We remember Prince George’s passion for David Attenborough, and his documentary Blue Planet.

The Lord is even one of the favorite personalities of the princess … From this love for nature also comes a passion of the young prince: walks in the garden. A way to learn, but gentler than in school …

Kate Middleton said a few months ago that she spent a lot of her confinement in the garden, observing the plants. A fun learning experience, therefore, for two children far from their school.

“I tried to become their teacher, the princess has fun. I did the best I could, going a bit in several directions. A sudden change in her life that can quickly prove tiring.

“We do the best we can, as a parent. But at the end of the day, I still feel quite tired. With three children and a future king husband, Kate Middleton has no time to be bored!


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