Kate Middleton: this detail she deliberately missed!


During a video conference, Kate Middleton revealed an intimate detail. And of course, it did not go unnoticed! We tell you more!

On Wednesday November 11, Kate Middleton gave a video conference on Remembrance Day. And guess what: The Duchess of Cambridge has revealed an intimate detail.

Kate Middleton is far from a rookie when it comes to protocol and image control. Indeed, the Duchess of Cambridge is always very careful about the image she conveys. Thus, on networks as in everyday life through her outfits and speeches, the wife of Prince William remains in control. Class!

And that’s what she did yesterday at a Memorial Day conference. Indeed, while she was in full discussion with families of soldiers, Kate Middleton decided to reveal part of her intimate life through family photos, which were enthroned behind her.

One of them was never before seen!

Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more!


During a videoconference with military families, Kate Middleton was careful to study the setting in which she would take place.

Yes, Internet users following the Zoom conference noticed that behind Kate were several family photos.

Thus, we could see a snapshot taken on the occasion of Prince George’s 6th birthday, another taken on the day George and Charlotte started school in 2019, but also a photo of little Prince Louis.

Photos, all already made public, except for one!

Indeed, behind Kate Middleton, we could also see a shot of Prince William, smiling and leaning on a car. Very cool !

In any case, we find this idea of ​​Kate Middleton brilliant. Yes, the pretty brunette has managed to reveal a bit of her private life, without doing too much! And that is great!

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