Kate Middleton: the secret of her dream hair revealed!


Kate Middleton’s looks are still all the rage. Indeed, as soon as the Duchess of Cambridge adopts a new style or a new hairstyle, it is copied in the days that follow.

It must be said that in addition to having quite fresh and modern looks, the Duchess often wears quite affordable outfits. So, inevitably, all her fans adopt the same outfits as her.

The last Zara dress she wore in public actually sold out in the days that followed. Impressive isn’t it!

Same story for her ultra modern hairstyles and colors that can be found on everyone’s heads.

At the same time, when you see her dream hair, you only think of one thing: what is her secret?


And you know what, good news, we finally discovered his secret!

Yes, yes, now you too can have hair as silky as Kate Middleton! Just that !

Another good news is that his secret is rather easy to adopt. Okay, no more chattering, we don’t make the suspense last any longer and we explain everything to you.

Kate Middleton changes her hair color regularly. We remember, for example, her copper highlights last fall and her blonde balayage this summer. And despite all of her changes her hair still remains immaculate and shiny.

It must be said that the Duchess has an unstoppable secret. Indeed, according to Jo Hansford, celebrity hairstylist, Kate Middleton would favor natural pigmentation to color her hair gently. This would allow her to enhance her color while still leaving her with shiny hair.

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A technique that we can now adopt to have top hair too!


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