Kate Middleton Squatting in Front of Queen Elizabeth Has Gone Viral After Bullying Meghan Markle


In social networks, Meghan Markle’s clip in which she makes fun of the late Queen Elizabeth II is not passing by in the near future. In the second episode of the famous show “Harry and Meghan”, the former actress did a funny thing to portray what she initially thought about the tradition of curtsying. Being an American, it took the Duchess some time to get used to the idea of curtsying to her grandmother-in-law. A particular scene involving Meghan Markle caused chaos in the royal circle.


While some fans defended the “Force Majeure” graduate, saying she was making fun of herself, there are many supporters of the royal family who are convinced that the Duchess is mocking the late monarch. Prince Harry was sitting next to Markle in this scene, and he was embarrassed by his wife’s actions. The Duke’s reaction also intensified trolling against the 41-year-old man. Meanwhile, some fans took the opportunity to promote Kate Middleton.

Fans think Kate Middleton looks better than Meghan Markle.

Recently, a video featuring the late Queen and Kate Middleton was posted on social networks. The clip is a compilation of various moments when the Princess of Wales curtsied to the late monarch. It all started with footage of Prince William and Middleton’s wedding. The princess had a big smile on her face as she curtsied to Queen Elizabeth with her husband by her side. The viral TikTok video then showed eight to nine clips of the future Queen Consort, following the royal tradition with joy.


Royal fans flooded the comments section with praise for Kate Middleton. “A beautiful woman” and “She’s such a cool actress” are some of the common comments left by viewers. Moreover, they made a comparison between two royal daughters-in-law, Middleton and Meghan Markle. After watching the video, many monarchists believe that the Princess of Wales is much better in the family than the Duchess of Sussex.

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