Kate Middleton and Prince William: HBO is preparing an animated series on the royal family!


Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William will appear in a satirical series alongside the royal family, created by HBO!

The HBO platform has decided to highlight the royal family in an animation series. Kate Middleton and Prince William will therefore be represented in a rather wacky cartoon! We talk to you about it.

The royal family continues to seduce, especially when his life is staged in series. Like The Crown on Netflix which sees Queen Elizabeth grow until she takes power. Besides, the series was so successful on Netflix that HBO decided to exploit the famous family. But in another way! Indeed it is a satirical animation series . The idea is to represent the Windsor through the vision of Prince Williams and his wife Kate Middleton !

But they will not be the only family members to be represented. Since there will also be the couple’s children, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle . But also Queen Elizabeth and her husband as well as her son Prince Charles. It must be said that the characters have very pronounced features that make them even funnier!


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The series is inspired by photo montages by writer Gary Janetti, which he publishes on Instagram. Often these are humorous photos linked to current events and everyone passes by. From Kate Middleton to her children , everyone has the right to her editing.

The famous artist Gary Janetti also reacted to the news in a press release relayed by Allociné. “ I look forward to working with the HBO Max platform. But also to produce a new series about a family fighting over a throne. ”, He said, while winking at the Game Of Thrones series. As for the content manager of the platform, she says she is impatient to see what the artist will achieve with “a canvas larger than a simple square [Instagram]. » We can’t wait to see Kate Middleton tying her hair up with Meghan fictitiously! Case to follow ..


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