Kate Middleton pregnant with her fourth child?


Kate Middleton pregnant with her fourth child? Here are the clues that put the flea to the ear.

Do you want to know if Kate Middleton is pregnant with her fourth child? Here are the clues that will put you on the chip.

Recently a photo of Kate Middleton made the buzz on social networks . The reason ? The Duchess of Cambridge seemed to be sporting a little baby bump. It didn’t take more to panic fans of the royal family. Unfortunately for those hoping for official confirmation from Kensington Palace, rumors of pregnancy were quickly denied. However, British bookmakers remain confident that George’s mother, Louis and Charlotte will announce that she will be pregnant in the coming months. And according to the confidences of body language expert Judi James at Express UK , there are indications that should put us on the shelf when this is the case.

Contrary to popular belief, the fact that Kate Middleton touches her stomach means absolutely nothing. Judi James explains: “The problem with Kate is that she does it all the time, pregnant or not. This is how she stands, which makes analysis difficult. The best way to know if she is pregnant, it is when she disappears from the royal sphere because she suffers from severe morning sickness, so she tends to fade away fairly quickly . Because of this, she will have a certain degree of fatigue, weariness So I think the body language you detect will be suppressed. ” Until we know more,.


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