Kate Middleton looks more stylish at a formal ceremony!


On November 8, the national tribute to the victims of war was held in London. For the occasion, members of the royal family were present at the Cenotaph in the British capital.

Several politicians then accompanied Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles. Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton were also in the game.

The ceremony had to be done in a small committee due to the coronavirus epidemic. So there were still 26 veterans.

Besides, the pretty Duchess caused a sensation as with every appearance. Indeed Kate Middleton appeared classier than ever. And the young woman opted for a very chic and solemn look.

The duchess of style has therefore struck again. For her latest appearance Kate Middleton opted for a total black look.

She was indeed wearing a black coat with fringed epaulettes. Wearing a black headgear, Kate Middleton also had a poppy-shaped brooch.

You should know that the poppy has become the symbol of soldiers who died in combat. Thus, the royals all wore a poppy brooch on their coats on Remembrance Day.

At 11 a.m., when the Big Ben sounded, 2 minutes of silence was observed. The guests then laid wreaths of flowers.

If Kate Middleton and Prince William were present for this event, another princely couple was absent. Indeed, it is about Meghan Markle and Harry.

The latter, however, remains very attached to this tradition since he is a former soldier in the British army. The Prince then requested that a wreath be affixed in his name. A request that was refused by Buckingham Palace.

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