Kate Middleton: It reached Meghan Markle!


In the past before the famous Megxit, Kate Middleton would have indeed several times supported Meghan Markle when she was at its worst!

Since joining the Windsor clan, Meghan Markle has reportedly benefited from the support of Kate Middleton several times. Yet Prince Harry’s wife has often made it known to the contrary.

Since the Megxit, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry seem more fulfilled than ever. In their sublime villa in Montecito, they continue to raise their little Archie away from prying eyes.

On the pro side, everything smiles on them too! Indeed, the Sussexes have signed golden contracts with Netflix. But also Spotify.

On December 29, Meghan Markle and Harry unveiled their very first podcast on the famous platform. In any case, their happiness is a pleasure to see!

But a few months ago, their life was not so idyllic! While Archie’s parents were still active members of the Firm, they were frequently the targets of the tabloids.

To make matters worse, tensions erupted with the rest of the Windsor clan. Notably with Kate Middleton and Prince William. Injured, the Sussexes clearly felt alone against all.


During her tour of South Africa, Meghan Markle indirectly highlighted the lack of support from the royal family for the ITV channel in 2019.

“Any woman, especially when she’s pregnant, is vulnerable and that makes things even more difficult,” Kate Middleton’s sister-in-law told Tom Bradby.

But also: “And when you also have a newborn baby, you see? For a woman that’s a lot (…). But thanks for asking me, because there aren’t many people asking me if I’m okay. ”

And to clarify: “It’s something very real to endure behind the scenes”. According to Rebecca English – a specialist in the royal family – Kate Middleton would have subsequently tried several times to support Meghan Markle … Without success!

“In fact, I’ve been told that Kate and the Countess of Wessex – have both ‘contacted’ the Duchess on several occasions,” the reporter explained at the time. But also: “In particular after having expressed his dissatisfaction in a television documentary”.

And also to underline: “But they were pushed back”. The following ?! You know her…


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