Kate Middleton is under pressure for choosing Christmas!


Passionate about fashion, Kate Middleton would have had great difficulty choosing her outfit to celebrate Christmas.

As Christmas approached, Kate Middleton would have been particularly stressed about not finding an outfit. Choosing his clothes put pressure on him.

For some people, the Christmas season rhymes with gifts, joy and happiness. For others, it can be very stressful.

Indeed, not everyone appreciates this lovely atmosphere with radiant colors. We have to believe that this is the case with Kate Middleton.

In any case, this is what our American colleagues report from The Express magazine. So, the Duchess of Cambridge has reportedly been feeling very nervous lately.

And the reason turns out to be rather surprising. In short, Kate Middleton had no idea how to dress to celebrate Christmas on December 25th.

So, Charlotte’s mother, George and Louis would have lost control. Anxiety would have taken over him completely.

But why would Prince William’s wife put the pressure on herself? The Duchess of Cambridge will be invited to a charity event.

Thus, the person concerned will have to continue the tradition such as … changing clothes five times a day.

So Kate Middleton couldn’t be missed. The one who is considered an English fashion icon is not allowed to make mistakes.


However, Kate Middleton is not alone in having to respect this royal rule. Before her, Sarah Ferguson also complained.

Indeed, the one we nickname Fergie could not bear having to change several times to celebrate Christmas. After all, they are family!

So when will Kate Middleton have to change? First, she will need to wear special attire for 4pm tea.

Then she will have to find some other clothes before she goes to dinner. The next morning, Prince William’s wife will change to go to church.

Afterwards, George, Charlotte and Louis’ mom will also have to choose another outfit for lunch. And finally, find a new one to walk around in the afternoon.


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