Kate Middleton is so sorry for breaking the royal tradition!


Duchess Kate Middleton and Prince William are sad that they cannot keep a Christmas tradition! We tell you more.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are very sad to have to break a Christmas tradition this year.

It’s quite a special Christmas for everyone this year. But also for the British royal family.

Family members who used to get together every year for the holiday season were unable to do so this year. Indeed, the coronavirus decided otherwise.

Indeed, Kate Middleton and the rest of the family will not attend the traditional royal gathering at Sandringham. This is the first time this has happened in 32 years.

Moreover, they will not be able to go to church on Friday, December 25 either. Duchess Kate Middleton and her little family will spend the Christmas holidays at Anmer Hall.


Kate Middleton and her family will therefore spend Christmas in a small group. Usually, the royal family meet in Sandringham for a royal dinner on Christmas Eve.

The Queen is usually taken to Christmas mass as the rest of the royal family marches to the church. This year, the sovereign will spend Christmas alone with her husband, Prince Philip.

Last year was the first time that Kate Middleton’s children, Charlotte and George attended the festivities. You should know that young children do not spend the holidays with their parents. Protocol requires. Eh yes !

So tradition has it that the royal family has been meeting in Sandringham for Christmas since the 80s! So this is a first for members of the royal family not to get together for Christmas.

It must be said that the sanitary rules have become tougher recently among our neighbors across the Channel. Eh yes ! They must indeed fight against a new wave of covid-19 contamination. Case to be continued.


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