Kate Middleton is rebelling and breaking her princess image


Kate Middleton is not one of the most rebellious … But the princess also knows how to break protocol to bring in a little modernity

Kate Middleton therefore sometimes follows in Meghan Markle’s footsteps! While Prince William’s wife seems more conformist than her sister-in-law, she also knows how to be “rebellious princess” when needed.

It must also be said that the protocol of the Royal Crown of England sometimes seems very dated … and even downright old. We remember the scandal when Meghan closed her car door herself …

Old-fashioned customs but which can quickly make people react, as the Daily Express points out. Yet Meghan Markle is not the only princess to break free from protocol: Kate Middleton does too.

The princess is indeed showing a lot more warmth than she should. Mother hen with her three cubs, she does not hesitate to hold their hands in public … Although it is not allowed.

But the rules can sometimes disappear, and Kate Middleton is trying to revamp the protocol. So she tries to show a little more warmth than the Crown allows.


The princess goes even further. She wants to break free from the classic reverence of a classic princess because of classical protocol. Because royal protocol governs the whole life of the family!

A man should therefore be satisfied with a nod, when a woman has to bow … A handshake can also do the trick. But Kate Middleton doesn’t want to go all out!

The princess therefore does not hesitate to hug people she meets. Whether it’s children or people she values, the Duchess of Cambridge is bending the rules.

She therefore adds a little modernity, while the queen in place has reigned for 61 years … But Elizabeth II, like Kate Middleton, also knows how to override protocol when necessary!


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