Kate Middleton is having a tea party with William!


On January 9, 2021, Kate Middleton celebrated her 39 years alongside Prince William. And the couple celebrated with ease!

Kate Middleton blew out her 39th candle on January 9, 2021. Alongside Prince William and their 3 children, the Duchess has bet on simplicity in this time of pandemic.

For several months, Kate Middleton and Prince William have been in the front line to brilliantly represent the Windor clan! Despite the pandemic, the couple has multiplied Zoom sessions to provide support to different institutions.

They were also able to make some public appearances. But recently, health measures have become much stricter in the UK.

So much so that Kate Middleton and Prince William celebrated the end of the year holidays in small groups! Almost every year, they celebrate Christmas in Sandringham with the other members of the Firm.

When the Cambridges don’t celebrate it alongside Queen Elizabeth II, they gladly do so with the Duchess’s family. But this year, the couple have remained cloistered at Anmer Hall in Norfolk.

On the program: Family activities, good humor and simplicity! It was in their pretty home that Kate Middleton celebrated her 39th birthday on January 9th.

According to the Daily Mail, Prince William has gone all out to delight his wife. Indeed, he would have organized a sumptuous tea party with their 3 children.

Little Archie’s aunt would have spent “a quiet birthday” to his delight.


It’s a safe bet that Kate Middleton had a pleasant day! On Twitter, the posts of some members of the Firm certainly gave him a smile.

“We wish the Duchess of Cambridge a very happy birthday today,” reads the royal family’s official account. Same story on Prince Charles’ social networks.

“Happy birthday to the Duchess of Cambridge,” wrote Prince William’s father, posting an unpublished photo of his daughter-in-law. On the Sussex side, radio silence!

But that’s hardly surprising. Tired of being the target of Internet users, the parents of little Archie are rather low profile on the Web.

To this day, they no longer use their Instagram and Twitter accounts at all. According to “The Times”, the couple are no longer even willing to use them to promote their Archewell Foundation projects.

The height! But it’s a safe bet that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have sent Kate Middleton their birthday wishes directly.

After going through their ups and downs, the Sussexes now seem to want to make peace with the rest of the Windsors. To believe some English tabloids, they could also make their comeback in England in the coming months.

This year, the members of the Firm have a lot to celebrate. Indeed, Prince Philip should celebrate his 100th birthday in a small committee on June 10. And on April 29, 2021, the Cambridge 10 years of marriage will be signed!


Yes, for 20 years, Kate Middleton and Prince William have been making media around the world dream with their love story. As a reminder, they met at St Andrew’s University in 2001.

It was through a charity fashion show that Pippa’s sister allegedly succumbed to the heir to the throne. Wanting to protect their privacy, the lovebirds have several times used ploys to sow the paparazzi … Without success!

Unfortunately for them, they have often been the target of the tabloid press! After a brief separation in 2007, Kate Middleton and Prince William have never left each other.

It was during a trip to Kenya that the couple got engaged before tying the knot in front of millions of viewers in Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011. A fairytale happy ending!