Kate Middleton is a childhood rival with Pippa Middleton!


If in front of the cameras and the journalists Kate Middleton appears very complicit with her sister Pippa, the reality would be quite different in private.

Kate Middleton can boast of having a united family. Even though she is very close to her sister Pippa, the Duchess has often been in rivalry with the latter.

To this day, Kate Middleton brilliantly represents the Windsor clan alongside Prince William. After the famous Megxit, their popularity simply exploded. Class!

Despite the pandemic, the Cambridge couple has also increased official representations. But also videoconferences.

Although Kate Middleton is very busy with her royal duties, she also enjoys recharging her batteries with her family.

In good times and bad, Archie’s aunt has always had the support of her parents. But also on that of her sister Pippa and their brother James.

Very often, the Middleton sisters enjoy doing many things together. In addition to the Channel, the English press loves to compare them! To the gram dam of the beautiful daughter of Prince Charles …

Although they are very close friends, their relationship is said to be far more complex than you might think.


This year, the media “TheTalko” analyzed the relationship between Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa. Journalists are also convinced of their hypothesis!

For them, the sister-in-law of Meghan Markle would be constantly in competition with the latter since their childhood.

“Kate and Pippa have always been close. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have a bit of sibling rivalry, “we can learn from a video of” The Talko. ”

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“Even doing a lot of activities together … Friends noticed that there was definitely a kind of competition between them,” said a student who worked with the two sisters during their schooling.

And to specify also: Denise Alford, their sports trainer, affirmed that if the two girls were tenacious on the playing field, Pippa was the more motivated of the two. ”

And that’s not all ! Kate Middleton would always have been afraid that her sister would constantly steal the show.

“I felt she feared being eclipsed by her. Because Pippa has a more natural effervescence. She is socially much more at ease, “said a source close to the Middleton clan in 2008 for” The Scotsman “.

But also: “She has always been popular with everyone. Especially with the friends of James ”.

No matter what, Kate and Pippa have always been loyal to each other. And obviously, this is not about to change.


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