Kate Middleton Indirectly Mocks Prince Harry with Her $1,100 Necklace


Kate Middleton is looking forward to positive and success against the backdrop of drama. Prince Harry shocked many Britons and the royal family with his brutal revelations in Spare’s memoirs. Prince Jr., who was once in a close relationship with both Prince William and his wife, did not spare words, accusing them of misconduct.

It all started with his marriage to the actress of the series “Force Majeure” Meghan Markle. After disagreements with both the media and the family, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are known to have left the UK to start their lives as normal people in the US. Now that the royal family’s Spare book has hit the headlines, Kate Middleton is reportedly dealing indirect blows to her son-in-law in her own way.

How does Kate Middleton deliver a subtle blow to Prince Harry?

It’s no secret that Prince Harry Spare’s memoirs have hurt members of the royal family. Although he went through a lot as a child, he and Prince William had a close relationship. The split began after his marriage to Meghan Markle, which also soured his relationship with his sister-in-law Kate Middleton, who was once close to him. Recently, the Princess of Wales dealt a silent blow to her son-in-law. There is a lot of negativity about her and his family in his memoirs. In turn, Middleton was spotted with a gold citrine necklace Baby Treasure for $ 1100 from Daniella Draper.

The brand describes the necklace as follows: “citrine helps to realize your biggest dreams, bringing more success and prosperity.” It is assumed that Kate Middleton made it clear with her pendant that in the new year you need to look at the positive, not the negative sides.

Meanwhile, she paired the necklace with Mini Cupid Hook Earrings of the same brand. The designer seems to be one of her favorites, as she has several items from the collection. As for the disagreements, she is still silent about the statements of Markle and Prince Harry. However, according to the royal expert, the future Queen Consort is extremely offended and outraged by the slanderous revelations made against her.

Let’s see if the royals really get back together after all the drama. Do you want the family to be reunited? Comment on your thoughts.


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