Kate Middleton: How to wear the duchess bun?


Kate Middleton still has so much style, it seems. As Christmas approaches, we give you a tip to imitate her bun hairstyle.

From her first public appearances and even beyond, Kate Middleton has cultivated her look. Flawless as they say across the Channel, the Duchess inspires. For Christmas, many will imitate her hairstyle. How to reproduce your bun to perfection?

As the holidays draw near, many want to put on their thirty-one. While this particular year forces us to host in small groups, one does not prevent the other.

So we know Kate Middleton is going to be neat for the holiday season. Alongside her husband, Prince William, she will illuminate.

As she has already lit up, with her Alexander McQueen branded outfit during her official tour of the country. A beautiful presence, in short, isn’t it?

We have no doubt that this will be repeated during the holidays. In the meantime, many would also like to reproduce the style of the Duchess for Christmas.

Especially her bun, which Kate Middleton, but also Beatrice and Letizia from Spain love to wear. Never mind: here are some inspirations.


For years, Kate Middleton has liked to opt for a bun “double macaroon”. Classier than those of Princess Leïa, we grant you that!

We all remember the one she opted for at Ascot last year. The Duchess had opted for a flowered hat as an ornament.

Very sober chic, a ball bun like Madeleine from Sweden could just as well suit you. As Gianni Coppa, founder of the R’Factory salon, quoted by Gala, says, “the bun enhances the wearing of the head”.

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“The braided bun is always on trend and easily adapts to any length of hair,” he says. No wonder Kate Middleton has made it her trademark.

We can even say that the bun is a real fashion accessory, in short. Just like the braid which can also be worn as a crown, like Letizia from Spain. You’re spoiled for choice for Christmas!


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