Kate Middleton: her classiest looks for 2020!


Kate Middleton is a true fashion icon. Suddenly, we immediately return to her looks that were a hit in 2020! Let’s go !

Kate Middleton has a real sense of style. In fact, several of her looks have hit the mark this year. So we give you, right away, a little recap of her best outfits of 2020.

This year, and despite the health crisis, Kate Middleton has made many public outings.

And for good reason, like any member of the royal family, the Duchess of Cambridge has obligations.

So, when she was not on videoconference with the British, Kate Middleton made public appearances, often accompanied by her husband, Prince William.

Yes, this year alone, the Duchess went, among other things, to meet the medical staff on board the royal train, helped parents victims of the loss of a child, and took a walk in the streets of London to meet the people.

And obviously, each of her appearances was very noticed. And for good reason: Kate Middleton has a real sense of style.

So, to end this year 2020 in style, we immediately recap the most beautiful looks of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Let’s go !


Even confined for part of the year, Kate Middleton has managed to prove that she has style.

Indeed, during the year 2020, the Duchess of Cambridge appeared in different outfits, all very classy.

This was notably the case last February, during the 73rd British Academy Film Awards ceremony. Indeed, during this event, Kate wore a sublime white and gold dress by her favorite designer, Alexander McQueen.

She also showed her taste in fashion last March, at a reception at Buckingham Palace, in which she wore a beautiful blue dress.

Finally, how to evoke the best looks of Kate Middleton in 2020, not to mention her sublime green dress, worn during her visit to the House of Guiness, in Dublin. Yes, in this metallic green dress, the Duchess of Cambridge once again caused a sensation!

So, which Kate Middleton look appealed to you the most?

In any case, we are a huge fan of her white and gold Alexander McQueen dress. In fact, we leave you with a photo of this famous look!


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