Kate Middleton hasn’t changed in 10 years of marriage!


Kate Middleton has taken an important place in the royal family. The star has not changed since her marriage to William.

EnfKate Middleton and William were entitled to a marriage worthy of the greatest princesses. The starlet has not changed in ten years and is still beautiful.

Kate Middleton has been married to William for several years. The starlet must pay close attention to her image and choose her clothes with care. In addition, she takes her role as Duchess very seriously and is in contact with many associations.

In recent months, William’s wife is more popular than ever. Indeed, she was very present for the English and made many videoconferences. Then, she posted several pictures of her children in order to give news to her subscribers.

Kate Middleton has a lot to do and has become indispensable within the royal family. Since Meghan’s departure she has had to deal with everything, but seems happy to have more responsibility.

One thing is certain, William’s wife is still looking classy and in top form. In fact, a few photos show that she hasn’t changed in recent years.


It’s been ten years since Kate Middleton got engaged to William. The star was presented to the world on November 16, 2010 as the Prince’s fiancée. She very quickly knew how to charm the English with her naturalness and her class.

The couple wasted no time in saying ‘yes’ to each other as they tied the knot on April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey, London. The star wore a very beautiful white dress and the royal wedding had set the web alight.

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In any case, William had planned everything to propose to Kate Middleton. He had taken the time to choose a very beautiful place abroad. “I took her to a nice place in Kenya and made my request,” he said. For her part, the star had found it very romantic.

Finally, the photos of their engagement resurface ten years later. We can see that the Duchess hasn’t changed much and time doesn’t seem to have a hold on her!


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