Kate Middleton has broken a royal tradition for William!


Prince William fights against the ivory trade. So, Kate Middleton asked the Queen not to offer her a brooch with this material to remain in the continuity of her husband’s fight as well as hers. We will explain it to you in more detail.

There is a tradition in the royal family. Queen Elizabeth gives each woman in the family a brooch for special occasions. In 2017, Kate Middleton was to receive this jewel. But the young woman had made a special request to the Queen.

The brooch consists of a yellow bow tie decorated with the portrait of the Queen all on an ivory background. But that of the Duchess of Cambridge is therefore different. His is made with glass. For her, it was important not to accept this gift.

William has been fighting this repugnant business for years. In 2014, the Prince was on a trip to Washington. He then made a speech to the World Bank calling the trade “one of the most insidious forms of crime in the world today”.


It’s a fight that really matters to the Prince. Kate Middleton then supports him in this project. William had all the ivory objects in the royal palace destroyed. And even in China, he does not hesitate to speak up.

He proclaimed loud and clear that the ivory trade had to be stopped. China made it illegal in 2017 and the United Kingdom in 2018. But you can still find this material on the black market and in a certain illegality.

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So the Prince’s fight is not about to end. But it was important for Kate Middleton to refuse the jewel to remain consistent with her ideas and the values ​​of her husband.


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