Kate Middleton had a heartbreak before her wedding!


Kate Middleton was very much in love with a boy before meeting William. And this one broke his heart. A real heartache.

Like everyone else, Kate Middleton had a heartbreak. But luckily, her prince, William, made her forget all about it. And since then, her life has been a true fairy tale. Like what, we should not dwell on our past relationships.

Before William, the Duchess was very much in love with a certain Harry. When she studied at Marlborough College, she couldn’t get this man out of her head. At 16, she fell in love with the captain of the school’s rugby team.

But if Kate Middleton was very fond of the young man, he was much less. Harry would have literally trampled on the Duchess’s heart. The Daily Mail reports that the young man has taken the decision to end their relationship.

And this at the end of the school year. The reason ? The young man wanted to take a gap year and go traveling. He therefore did not see himself as a couple during this year, far from his then girlfriend. The rupture was therefore inevitable.


But for her part, Kate Middleton could not bring herself to forget him. So, to win him back, the young woman flies to Florence, Italy. “When Kate arrived in Florence, she was really hooked on Harry. She talked about him all the time and he seemed to have bothered her a bit, ”a friend recalls.

But in Italy, their story does not resume. And that once again leaves Kate Middleton in a heartache. Her heart broken, she no longer wanted to attach herself to a man. Two years later she meets William at university.

And at first, she does not flash at all on this young prince. Between the two it is only friendship. It will therefore take more than a year for Kate Middleton to truly fall in love with her prince.


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