Kate Middleton et William: Harry se sentait très en retrait !


Kate Middleton has a lot more work to do since the Megxit. Harry didn’t feel good around the star and his brother, William.

A few months ago, Meghan Markle and Harry ended their duties in the royal family. The two stars asked for their financial independence and they moved to Los Angeles.

So the Megxit shocked everyone and Queen Elizabeth II was saddened by Harry’s departure. For her part, Kate Middleton has a lot more work since Meghan’s departure and she wants to be very involved.

Indeed, the star made numerous videoconferences during the confinement. She has tried to help families in need and she is very attentive. So, it looks like she’s enjoying Meghan’s departure quite well.

However, Kate Middleton and William did not always make Harry very comfortable. Indeed, he did not find his place with them.


The book Finding Freedom will soon be released and it will reveal many secrets about the royal family. Thus, everyone will be able to know more about the relations between Kate Middleton, William, Meghan Markle and Harry.

Besides, according to the Daily Mail outlet, Harry was not at all comfortable around Kate and her husband. Indeed, he felt like “the third wheel of the carriage” and he couldn’t find his place among them.

So, we suspect it must have been difficult for him to get along well with Kate Middleton and William. Relationships at work were not to be on top and he even thought he was “fish bait”.

Yet in the face of the media, Harry, William and Kate seemed like a good duo. The book Finding Freedom has therefore not finished revealing the unhappiness of Meghan Markle’s husband in the royal family …


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