Kate Middleton has difficulties following the departure of Meghan and Harry!


The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is not happy with the departure of Meghan Markle and Harry! We give you more details.

Kate Middleton is furious following the departure of Meghan and Harry!

Indeed, a source close to the family reportedly confessed to Tatler magazine, Kate Middleton would be furious since the departure of the couple. Besides, she explains that the Duchess has had a lot of work since.

Indeed, being confined has not changed anything. Besides Kate Middleton spends her confinement with her husband Prince William and her 3 children.

In addition to taking care of her little bits of cabbage, the young woman also has official obligations. Indeed, she recently participated in a videoconference organized for retirees for example.

Other the many interviews that the duchess must give. But Kate Middleton has trouble managing everything!

Still according to the same source, it seems that Kate Middleton’s discontent dates back to January. Indeed, Harry and Meghan chose to leave their royal offices at that time.

Besides, the couple wanted to be parents involved in the lives of their children. However, the departure of the Sussexes changed everything.

“Kate is furious because of the workload she has. Of course she looks good but that’s not what she wanted, “said a friend of Kate Middleton.

Other sources also said that the tensions between the two duchesses were beautiful and very real! Moreover, these date back to the marriage of Meghan and Harry in May 2018.

According to a source, it is a story about tights. Indeed, the Duchess of Cambridge wanted the bridesmaids to wear tights as dictated in the protocol.

Meghan Markle did not want it when it was barely 20 °. The Sussexes never confirmed this story.

Today many are comparing Meghan and Kate. Besides, these paint a fairly old-fashioned portrait of the latter.


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