Kate Middleton becomes a style icon like Princess Diana!


Diana has always been a fashion icon. Kate Middleton seems to follow in her footsteps with her very beautiful clothes.

Kate Middleton always looks classy in her public appearances. The star is very inspired by the style of Lady Diana.

Lady Diana has made a lasting impression on the fashion industry. William and Harry’s mother always flaunted herself in very beautiful clothes and had even become a fashion icon over time.

Many stars like Rihanna loved and were inspired by Diana’s look. It must be said that the latter had a lot of presence. “Diana was a gangsta with her clothes,” Rihanna had confided several years after her death.

Nevertheless, Kate Middleton could well follow in the footsteps of her stepmother. Indeed, for several years, William’s wife has impressed the English with her looks. She always looks very classy, ​​but also dares to wear very affordable clothes.

So as soon as she makes a public appearance, many fans tear off her clothes. Within hours, they rob Kate Middleton’s favorite pieces. The star therefore has every chance of becoming a real icon.


Kate Middleton must be very careful with her image and therefore does not make any mistakes. She chooses her clothes carefully and many people think she was inspired by Diana. Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine has spoken about this.

“Kate is really very attractive, very beautiful. She has model looks and is going to have designers who bend over backwards to wear their clothes, ”she explained. So Kate could work with many big brands if she really wanted to.

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Besides, Richard Denne, a friend of Kate and William, thinks the Duchess is very beautiful. He knows she must choose her clothes and jewelry carefully. However, if she follows in Diana’s footsteps, it is also because she is very beautiful.

“I mean, Prince William is an elegant man. He was not going to marry an ugly woman, “he said. A compliment that should make Kate Middleton blush!


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