Kate Middleton and William: the price of their mansion!


The huge mansion of Kate Middleton and Prince William cost them several million euros! We reveal everything to you.

How much does Kate Middleton and Prince William’s mansion cost?

You should know that the mansion of the princely couple is in fact that of the parents of Kate Middleton. The pretty Duchess and her husband settled there after the birth of Prince George.

Indeed, in 2013, the couple spent several months in the large house. This is where the first official photo of Kate Middleton and Prince William with their little prince was taken.

In the photo, we can see the immensity of the ground behind them. The whole was well surrounded by large trees which offered a lot of privacy for the couple.

Thanks to this, the couple were able to enjoy the first months with the newborn baby. A tranquility that still comes at a price!


Thus, it is known that Kate Middleton’s parents bought the mansion in 2012 for £ 4.7million. Which is equivalent to 4,700,000 euros! Just that.

Moreover, between the Duchess, her brother and her parents, one rarely finds photos of the superb residence. But a Kate Middleton fan Instagram account allows us to explore the interior of the family home.

We know that the house has 7 bedrooms. But also several lounges and a dining room. In the kitchen there is a huge wooden table where we can imagine the small family having breakfast.

Besides, the inhabitants of the manor also benefit from a bookstore. As for the garden, it is just huge!

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There is even a swimming pool and a tennis court. In fact, it was at Bucklebury Manor that Sister the Duchess, Pippa Middleton hosted her wedding reception in 2017. So you can imagine the vastness of the land the family enjoys.

We let you discover the photos of their house in the following post.


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