Kate Middleton and Her Shamrock Story on St. Patrick’s Day


Kate Middleton’s sense of style is on top. Some even draw parallels between Middleton’s style choices and the style of her husband’s late mother, Lady Diana. While others often pit her against another laudable member of the chic style club and fellow royal, Meghan Markle. There is a place for discussions about the choice of outfits at various events attended by members of the royal family. However, the fact that Kate Middleton is the clear winner when it comes to style on St. Patrick’s Day shouldn’t have any arguments.

This year, the mother of three celebrated St. Patrick’s Day for the first time after receiving the title of honorary colonel last year. Therefore, her outfit had to be a cut above the rest of the previous years. And there was all this and much more. In honor of Kate Middleton’s first St. Patrick’s Day as a colonel, here are some images she wore at the Irish Guards celebration.

Kate Middleton and her chic outfits for St. Patrick’s Day

Considering it was her first time celebrating the rank of colonel, the 40-year-old royal made sure her outfit made an impression. And what could be better than to abandon the simple green color in favor of blue? Many were confused as to why she made the mistake of wearing blue when green means St. Patrick’s Day. But the Princess of Wales is not wrong when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day attire. Therefore, the reason she chose the blue outfit was because it could be combined with the feathers on the bear hats of the guards.


In addition to the stellar choice of colors, the Princess of Wales chose her classic cape from Catherine Walker & Co. And, of course, it wouldn’t be Kate Middleton’s St. Patrick’s Day outfit without her main shamrock badge.

The Princess of Wales and her Legacy for St. Patrick’s Day

Middleton may have just been awarded the rank of colonel, but she has long been paving the way to leave her legacy on St. Patrick’s Day through her outfits. Although some consider it a frivolous activity, the outfit is really capable of saying a thousand words. And Middleton is familiar with this concept. Year after year after her marriage to Prince William, the mother of three children arranged a master class on St. Patrick’s Day outfits for netizens.

From a Laura Green coat dress in 2022 to a shamrock necklace in 2021, Kate Middleton has never disappointed in her St. Patrick’s Day outfit. Since the Princess of Wales has yet to make a wardrobe tour, it is impossible to say for sure whether she has a separate section dedicated to St. Patrick’s Day outfits decorated with different shades of emerald and, of course, shamrock-shaped jewelry. However, all the star outfits indicate her existence.

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