Kate Middleton and Camilla will laugh at their husbands!


A ceremony is looming on the horizon! The opportunity for Duchess Kate Middleton and Camilla to make fun of their respected husbands!

Kate Middleton and Camilla may soon be laughing at their respective husbands, William and Charles. Indeed, the latter are preparing to take part in a ceremony. This will take place in the coming days and would date from the 14th century. Tradition obliges them, so they will not escape it.

In short, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge are going to have a giggle. Indeed, Kate Middleton and William’s mother-in-law are about to see their husbands in funny situations.

Both will have to dress in a rather odd outfit. Ridiculous costumes that are nevertheless part of the royal tradition in force.

This event has already been teased by a specialist in crowned heads. In a docu on the secrets of the royal family, Samantha Bond therefore comments on this event in which William and his father will participate.

An essential step given the etiquette and traditions of the Windsor clan. There is no guarantee that the two duchesses will keep their calm and their cool, after all!

The husband of Kate Middleton and Camilla will therefore go to the end. This, despite how hilarious things are. What is it all about? We tell you all about this holiday.

Kate Middleton and Camilla will soon be able to laugh at their husbands!


“The ritual for this ancient order has been passed down from generation to generation,” says the specialist. No wonder William lends himself to the game, he who fulfills all his prerogatives

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“Every year on Garter Day, the Queen, her knights and ladies walk through Windsor Castle to St. George’s Chapel.” So begins this celebration.

“They organize a special service,” she continues. In the Mail on Sunday, a reporter described the dressed costume as “the most ridiculous”, complete with hats and feathers. A little discreet pageantry!

“Now is the perfect time for women, mainly like Camilla and Kate Middleton, to laugh at their husbands,” she said. It remains to be seen if they will!

According to the document, little has come to us about the origins of this mysterious holiday. But anyway, it does happen every year, and makes the people laugh in spite of themselves.

Some of these reasons might be obscure and remind the Mail on Sunday reporter of a well-known book: Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown …

Regarding the little evidence we had, it would have disappeared with a fire. However, the seat of this festival remains the Saint-George chapel.

This year, not to escape the rule, William, husband of Kate Middleton, and Prince Charles, husband of Camilla Parker-Bowles will honor the people with their presence.


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