Kate Merlan is beside herself: ex-Jakub arranges sex dates with others


Kate Merlan (35) doesn’t seem to like it at all! The beauty broke up with her husband Jakub Merlan-Jarecki (27 years old) last week. Earlier, the kicker brought her to the heat several times with wild Mallet rides. After getting engaged, the athlete seems to be enjoying his single life to the fullest — much to the annoyance of his wife Kate: she was now upset by her ex’s antics.

“How disgusting and dishonest can a person be?” complained a visibly upset Kate in her Instagram story. Yakub told her that he currently surrounds himself with women because he needs attention: “I just don’t understand how a man can present his own wife like that. I don’t deserve it either.” The women wanted to meet Yakub only because they know him on TV, the 35-year-old woman is sure.

First of all, she was worried about the mistreatment, so shortly after the relationship ended, Kate explained: “If you knew what I did for this man, what he got from me. I don’t know what to do anymore.” She felt used by her ex, she stressed in conclusion.


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