Kate and Toby in the preview of the premiere of the drama


This Is Us, the hit family drama that will air on Tuesday, January 4, 2022 on the broadcast network NBC, will return to fan screens with the sixth and final season, which promises to make many cry. A big rift between two of the fan favorites is expected, and the new video teases a snippet from the first episode, ‘The Challenger’. (Season 6 premiere spoilers)

When This Is Us kicks off with season 6, fans will likely be able to see the show focusing on Kevin Pearson. The title of the first episode of the latest installment refers to the NASA tragedy that occurred more than thirty years ago, an event that Justin Hartley’s character spoke about at the series premiere in 2016.

One of the most anticipated moments by fans of This Is Us is related to the sentimental situation between Kate and Toby. At the end of the fifth season, when the episode moved to the future it showed Kate in wedding plans with her friend and coworker, Phillip. This means, that Toby will no longer be in her life and that was confirmed last week by the creator of the series, Dan Folgeman.

The separation between Kate and Toby is imminent in season 6 of This Is Us, what is not known is the number of the episode that will narrate this part of the story of the final installment. The medium TVLine, released this Tuesday a preview through a video about what will be seen on January 4, showing a conversation between both while they are estranged for work reasons, and it seems that everything is going well, although they do not know feels totally satisfied during the dialogue.

The truth is that season 6 of This Is Us will be in charge of revealing the mystery about how Kate fell in love with Phillip, and where she and Miguel will be years later, during Rebecca’s deathbed. Recall that in the flashforward presented in the program, neither of them is present at that time. The question that many are asking is whether one or both of them are dead.

The NBC network today released the official synopsis for episode 1 of season 6 of This Is Us, which will air at its regular time at 9:00 P.M. simply revealing that the Big Three celebrate their 41st birthday, Kevin, Kate and Randall. The short description certainly generates some intrigue as this is known to fans of the show, which means that there will be essential content in the rest of the episode, which the network wants to keep a secret for now.