Kaspersky warns of social benefit fraud


Governments around the world have adopted cost-aid strategies for businesses and citizens in various parts of the world. However, due to the transfer of the amount being through online platforms, the initiatives have been exploited by cybercriminals to deceive and embezzle the money destined for the population.

According to Kaspersky, fraud has already been responsible for a diversion of around R $ 60 million in Brazil alone. By using leaked or stolen personal data, hackers are able to both request and steal aid before any action by the victim.

Emergency aid

The digital security company also gave tips to prevent fraudsters from stealing the amount of emergency aid. She points out that if the beneficiary becomes suspicious about a possible problem of the type, he can request a reset of the account in the Caixa Tem application.

The bank’s app will display which email is registered and linked to sensitive information. If it is not yours, it is very likely that hackers have already acted to divert your benefit. When this happens, it is necessary to cancel the aid before the deposit.


Kaspersky also gave other recommendations to protect itself from financial scams linked to social benefits. The company suggests that the user request government support only on official websites, without following links or attachments from unknown sources.

If you have received emails that offer benefits, check the sender and do not enter your details if the way the message is written looks suspicious. Also, never pay a fee to receive benefits, since the government and banks do not make this type of requirement. Finally, use a reliable security solution to detect and block malicious messages and phishing pages.

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