Karol G teaches them and they are beautiful, the video leaves no doubt!


Singer Karol G has done it again, something that no longer misses anyone because the Colombian has a talent for giving and giving. His last song that talks about heartbreak and how difficult it is to overcome a break is a success, the song that has the name “tusa” which is a colloquial term of his country of origin to refer to the evil of love has broken records, something that supposes a new success in his career and also is his entrance with the American collaborations since he sings with Nicki Minaj and has done it through the big door as it has been seen thanks to the figures he has reached.

The theme has become the first single that two women sing in the number 1 spot on the list in Latin songs. Just a few days after the song was released, it was already at the top of the list.

Karol G is increasingly positioning itself as one of the best valued singers of urban music as well as being the sexiest and it is that with the curves it has is not surprising you just have to see some of the photos he gives them to his followers with very tight outfits and with less clothes every time something with which fans are delighted especially after the last publications that came out of it in which it appears almost only covered with sand as if it did not carry anything underneath, of course the network madness soon unleashed and photographs accumulated thousands of likes in a few hours. In addition, the new video shows that it has also been launched to sponsorships.

As usual, the first to answer was his “baby” Anuel to say how wonderful and beautiful he was as usual. This woman is always surprising, and shutting up all her haters who recently accused her of being taking a few extra pounds, because she already shows that nothing.


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